Jim Lamarche – Bio – January 2013

Jim Lamarche is a Toronto composer, producer/engineer, writer and media artist, continuing as a professional educator and education/career counselor.

Jim has finished a 2 year “tour of duty” at Metalworks Institute and the International Academy of Design/Toronto Film School, before that (as an instructor – also 2 years) after 21 years at Trebas Institute of the Recording Arts, Ryerson University and at Music Industry Arts (Fanshawe College) in London;  facilitating classes and workshops in the Audio Engineering Technology (AET), Recorded Music Production (RMP) and Radio Television Arts (RTA) programs.  Notably, Jim conducted third term digital audio workshops at the CBC/GGS, Studios 210 and 211 (Trebas Institute) for 7 years, on the AMS-NEVE “Capricorn” recording system, before moving over to the Academy and then Metalworks.  In 2008, Jim lived and traveled extensively through-out north India, while education counseling and teaching english – ESL and human studies at CIVC – Canadian Institute of Vocational Courses – based out of Chandigarh / Punjab  – in co-operation with Lambton College (Sarnia Ontario).



Growing up in Woodstock and going to school in London, Ontario; Jim soon found his calling in Toronto, living and working in various large format analog studios (Captain Audio, Kensington Sound, Eastern Sound, Amber Studio and Grant Avenue Studio – Hamilton), working his way up to becoming a full-time engineer where he continued to develop at the time working on his original compositions and recorded music productions during “down time”, exploring the creative sound process…

Getting no sleep and having no social life for years; his efforts were finally noticed by A&M/UMG and was signed to a five-year world-wide deal. He recorded two albums with the major label whilst continuing to hone his craft in various studios in the GTA as a freelance producer/engineer having worked with Australias “Split Enz”, Canadas “Bruce Cockburn”, “Blood Sweat and Tears/David Clayton Thomas”, Linus Entertainments “By Divine Right”, Toronto progressive rock group “Cerafim” and the power pop band “Eleven:11”.

Jim has recorded 5 independent CDs (as artist); since A&M/UMG; “night parachuting” (1991), “spearmint lake” (1994), temple (1998), a collection of vintage remastered songs on “old friends” (2006) and his latest album, “temple redux” (2012) . Various tracks from “night parachuting” continue to receive airplay on Toronto’s CHUM-FM and CHFI (evening programming) , amongst dozens of other stations across Canada. One of his composition/recordings,  “Ricepaper Dancer” (night parachuting) was the opening and closing theme for the nationally syndicated radio show “Steps Ahead”, during the 90’s hosted by John Kares.

Jim has been nominated for a Juno Award as “Most Promising Male Vocalist” in 1985 (first ballot), and served as a Juno Award judge in the “Recording Engineer of the Year” category from 1992 – 1998, as well as having scored numerous national television commercials for various ad agencies, television shows, documentaries and corporate audio-visual productions. In 1999, Jim participated as composer/producer on the Genie award winning “Bingo”… voted “best animation short”, for the 3-D animation developers, Alias-Wavefront  … working closely with the academy award winning animation director, Chris Landreth.



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