Media Arts Education in Canada – a Report Card

Hello Readers

After 5 years my Media Arts Education blog is off-line for now but will be returning in 2014.  98,000+ hits visitations as I write this (Dec/13).  Thank you to all my readers/supporters for making it a success!  Meanwhile, if you have any questions – email me.  In the meantime … here’s a taste of what’s coming up.  I’ve been told that my blog is the ONLY real (unspun) barometer on what’s going on in the media arts education landscape, and even the ONLY real barometer on what’s going on in Canadian Education in general.  Please read – more below “The Learning Curve” – an observation in modern education.

Thank you!  View the clip below in 720p.  It’s pertinent/relevant.  Stay tuned for more soon (bookmark and come back in early 2014).   Jim Lamarche



One thought on “Media Arts Education in Canada – a Report Card

  1. I’m glad you’re back, Jim. I’ve read your posts with great appreciation.
    I went to MIA (Fanshawe) in the 80’s and I am now advising my daughter as she prepares to enter the world of music BUSINESS. Yes, the ‘business’ part of it is what I emphasize to her. I have done the ‘play the bars/ record/release the cd/ self-promotion’ thing and I only hope she will learn from my experiences. She hopes to get a business degree from an excellent university and apply that knowledge to her future career. If I could give any advice to the potential students reading this, it would be this: be passionate, work hard, network and don’t follow the crowd – if it excites and touches you, it will do the same for someone else….THAT is your audience, however big or small – no one became notable by being like everyone else in their field.
    I look forward to reading your future posts.

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